Here at the sauna Shop we Also supply top quality Sauna accessories

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Sauna Stones
Volcanic Sauna Stones

A Box of igneous dolerite sauna stones 20kg designed to withstand intense heat. Simply pour water over stones to increase humidity in the home sauna.

Bucket and Ladle
Sauna Bucket and Ladle

Classic sauna accessory set containing a wooden bucket and ladle. Bucket holds 4 litres of water, has a hemp rope handle and loop. This and many other sauna accessories can be delivered anywhere in Ireland within 24 hours of order.

Sauna Head rest

Contoured shaped lines of wood beautifully arranged and blends with any design of home sauna.


Combination sauna thermometer / hygrometer in stainless steel, shows room temperature and the relative humidity. To be used as a client guide and a back up for a sauna control panel. Available for next day delivery from anywhere in Ireland

Essential Oils
Essential Oil Collection

Made from natural ingredients and specifically produced for use with a Tylö Fresh fragrance dispenser in home saunas and steam rooms. Comes in a concentrated oil in concentrated 10ml bottles

Sauna Hatch grill
Hatch Grill

Sauna Ventillation unit with slide to control flow of air.

Halogen Light
Halogen Light

Halogen Sauna Light mountable on wall or ceiling.

Sauna Lamp
Sauna Lamp 40 W

Wall-mounted white lamp-holder equiped for a Home Sauna.

LED strip light
2m LED strip Light

Warm white LED strip light with driver. Ideally mounted underneath the backrest or Bench to create a relaxing atmosphere.

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